CerviCenta™ (Stem Cell)

100 mg

The latest extraction technology is used to extract the nutritional components, together with the impeccable compatibility with the other components to provide the energy needed for our daily lives. READ MORE

NucleiClavem™ (White Strawberry)

100 mg

NucleiClavem harnesses the powerful, nutrient extracts derived from different parts of white strawberries is combined with high-end technology to obtain unique components. READ MORE

VelveCenta™ (Stem Cell)

50 mg

Deer antlers contains natural proteins, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements. With a well-proportioned formula developed with highly precise ratios, complementing each other together with CerviCenta, it provides a source of energy for the body.

Nginxzen™ (New Zealand Ginseng)

50 mg

Ginseng is generally believed to be able to restore vitality, boost brain function and soothe the nerves; as volcanic soil is rich in trace minerals, the high-quality Ginseng used was planted in New Zealand’s volcanic soil for more than 10 years and has achieved its best condition during its growth process.

Actsirtone™ (Lingzhi Mushroom)

100 mg

The use of the carefully selected antler lingzhi coupled with cutting-edge technology allows it to completely release its active components, breaking down into smaller molecules for easier absorption into the body.


100 mg

  • Supports metabolism
  • Supports circulation

Borage Oil

100 mg

  • Supports the skin’s health
  • Supports cholesterol level

Avocado Oil

100 mg

  • Rich in β-carotene and potassium
  • Provides fatty acids required by the body
  • Rich in antioxidant

Tomato Extract (Lycopene)

70 mg

  • Natural carotenoids known as super antioxidants
  • Supports metabolism

Marine Collagen

70 mg

  • Rich in amino acids
  • Supports immune defences
  • Supports skin health

Brown Seaweed (Fucoidan)

50 mg

  • A source of protein, minerals and antioxidants
  • Supports body’s immune system
  • Supports gut and digestive health

Evening Primrose Oil

50 mg

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Supports vitality and metabolism

Apple Extract (Polyphenol)

20 mg

  • Nutritional powerhouse rich in antioxidants
  • Supports the body’s defence against free radicals
  • Each capsule’s contents are extracted of 125:1 apple polyphenols

Aloe Vera Extract

10 mg

  • Excellent source of amino acids, active enzymes, vitamins and nutrition complexes
  • Supports the body’s immune system
  • Supports digestion

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