The Perfect and Only Product You’ll Ever Need

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ALl … in just 1 capsule Dendrobium Nourishes the stomach and moistens the lungs Anti-ageing, combats fatigue Promotes blood circulation Lubricates joints Nuclei Clavem Anti-inflammatory antioxidants Anti-ageing Detoxification Apple Polyphenol Nutritional Powerhouse rich in antioxidants Protects cells from free radical damage Strengthens the body’s defence system Each capsule’s contents are extracted from 100 apples Fucoidan […]

Purtier Placenta Technologies

How Live Cells are Preserved in the Capsule

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forefront of technology Advanced technology is required to ensure that the process and preservation of nutrients are maintained in its best and most optimal condition, so as to facilitate the effective absorption of these nutrients in the body for maximum efficacy. Freeze-Drying Technology PURTIER Placenta extracts only from fresh deer placenta using advanced Freeze-Drying Technology, […]