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Through years of extensive research and development, we have perfected the most exclusive and ultimate luxurious essence spray.

CONSCIENTIOUS Second Edition Everything is possible for that magic glow.

For Her, the gap between you and an exquisite life is only one bottle of CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray away.

For Him, CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray, release that inner confidence.

Our second product was released on the 9th year. We come out with the second product after so long because that is how much we ensure the quality of the product that we produce.

Conscientious, our second product.

Our price for 12 years never change. This is a big selling point that we can share to our customers. From this we can see how much company wants to contribute back. To come out with a new edition, all previous stocks will no longer be used. Ingredients added, packaging changed, and everything will incur extra costs. But our selling price is still the same. For Conscientious, we keep on finding ways, keep experimenting, not experimenting on animals, but on human face, until we find the golden proportion, that it will not cause allergy etc.

In 2 years, more than 11million SGD generated for Conscientious.

We will introduce consicneintious to you 2nd edition

In fact the formula for 1st edition is already very good. 27 ingredients come from 27 different technology. It is already very difficult to improve.
Whatever 1st edition has, 2nd edition also has. But 2nd edition will have 24k Gold. Uses the process called iontophoresis. This technology is able to combine with 27 ingredients before and more effectively bring out the effect that we want in short time. All in one effect. Anti wrinkle, anti blemish, whitening, etc.

Second thing in 2nd edition, we added sodium levulinate, honokiol and magnolol as natural preservative ingredient. Not only having preservative effect, they are themselves also natural ingredients to help improve our skin.

3, it is similar to enteric coated. It is like a coating but it is at nano level, very Small that we can’t see using naked eyes. A technology cannot be seen using naked eyes. Because of this technology, it coat the ingredients and goes to the level of the skin the ingredients are meant to and will be released in the skin layer that the ingredients shall be absorbed. And because of this technology we also instill a plant stem cell. Hence the effect is very good.

This is 60ml per bottle. Previously was 100ml per bottle. 1 Box contains 2 bottles. Meaning to say 20 ml extra from before. Same price.

Micro emulsification. We use temperature to emulsify, the cost is very high. The probability of success is low. Meaning to say u can’t produce it in a high end factory. Anti pollution, anti bacteria. We put in highest standard, even the sheet ingredients, how it is placed and folded.

Before I put on the mask usually I will spray Conscientious first. Mask (for her) is slightly smaller as meant for ladies. It has 3 layers. First remove the plastic layer. Put it on your face then remove the outer layer. (for him) mask will be bigger for gentleman usually has bigger face.

It will dry off very fast, because it will be absorbed real fast.

And u will feel different even up to tomorrow morning.

After 30 years old u have to use mask, then when u reach 50 years old u will still look like 30 years old.

No beauty product is as serious and Conscientious as our product Conscientious.

We put in standard of purtier into Conscientious. Every 2 days, we will receive a new sample ever since 2 years ago. Went through 400 over times of improvisations, only then we come out with 2nd edition.

We will do our best to make sure before these dates in these countries, Conscientious 2nd edition stocks will be available over the counter.

yesterday, company came out with 2nd edition Conscientious, with additional 3 new technologies and ingredients to further perfect th e formula. 1 diamond package has 7 boxes, 1 box contains 2 bottles of Conscientious. For the promo this month, buy 1 set Conscientious, free 7 bottles of Conscientious.

Also the Conscientious facial mask was introduced. 1 box contains 20 sheets of mask. Promo this month is 1 diamond set has 7 boxes of facial masks (20 sheets per box), free 7 small boxes (10 sheets each).