How To Encode New Registration Using RW

Login to your account.

TIP: Always check your Placement Tree before starting to encode in order to ensure the ID numbers to be used.​

On the Dashboard on the left click MEMBER and NEW REGISTRATION.
Fill-up all items with ARROW marks.
Type TIN NUMBER with no spaces.
Upload image/s of required credentials showing Tax Identification Number.

TO UPLOAD REQUIRED ID: Click the CLICK/DRAG area to browse the location of your VALID ID. The Image of the ID/s will load and it should appear on the right with a Green Check mark.

A secondary box is used for the back part of the ID, or other credentials, that shows the Tax Identification Number. Consult with your leader to know which IDs or Documents are accepted by the company.

Put a Zero before any single digit entry. Example: 03 for March.
Join Type - Diamond for 1 set.
Note: OTHER NAME is the name that appears on the Tree. Recommended: You may use Nickname and Surname (Joey Li) for Master Account and serial names on the Re-entries for easier monitoring ex. Joey1, Joey2 etc.
For MAILING STATE, if city or municipality is not on the list, choose the nearest area.
Mobile number is 11-digit format (09171234567) without spaces.
WARNING: Be careful when filling-up SPONSOR and PLACEMENT as this affects INCOME flow or LOSS of income and this CANNOT be undone.

It is advised to consult your LEADER regarding the proper SPONSORSHIP and PLACEMENT.
TIP: Always check the Placement Tree before encoding to ensure the ID numbers to be used.
Select the nearest and most practical branch to claim your product. Consult with your leader (usually Manila Branch for Luzon). Then click SUBMIT to go to the next page.
Then click SUBMIT to go to the next page.
NOTE: Leave Bonus to Paymaster to its default as YES. Otherwise, flow of income will be affected.
Make sure the TAB of the correct product is highlighted and just type 1 for QTY.
Payment method RW WALLET then hit NEXT.
SAVE an image of your registration confirmation by taking a picture using your handphone or using Snipping Tool of your PC and save it.
Try to produce and save the INVOICE (optional) by clicking VIEW TAX INVOICE or clicking the INVOICE NUMBER. Save it by clicking PRINT and saving as PDF.

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